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How to Prepare a Roof for Winter

Autumn is the ideal time to care for your residential roofing system. By taking the following steps before winter arrives, you can stay comfortable during the colder months. You’ll save money in the long run since your heating equipment won’t have to work harder to cancel out drafts caused by roof leaks. Also, you won’t have to invest in extensive repairs in spring to reverse the effects of winter. 

3 Tips to Get Your Roof Ready for Winter

1. Clean Gutters

Your gutters channel rain runoff and melted snow to downspouts, which filter the water away from the property. When the drainage system is clogged with dirt, mud, leaves, and twigs, it won’t collect runoff. 

Instead, the water will pool on the roof and saturate the shingles down to the substrate. The excess moisture can cause the materials to rot and disintegrate. To avoid this problem, scoop out the grime from gutters at the beginning of the season. To avoid future problems, consider installing gutter guards that prevent debris from getting lodged in the channels. 

2. Trim Back Trees

Overhanging branches are hazards to your residential roofing system, especially during winter. Bearing the weight of heavy snow and ice buildup can cause the limbs to snap and crash down onto the membrane.

Squirrels and other animals can also use branches as walkways to access the roof and get inside your home for shelter from the cold weather. Trimming back branches a few feet will minimize the risk of roof damage and infestations.

3. Check the Attic

While standing on the sidewalk, you might not be able to see subtle problems with the roofing system. Luckily, inspecting the membrane from the attic can shed light on any potential concerns. 

With a flashlight, look for water droplets between rafters, moldy insulation, and rotted support beams. These types of water damage could be caused by roof leaks. You might also feel drafts from cold autumn air filtering through the vulnerable areas. It’s best to tell a professional about your findings so that they can take a closer look and perform the necessary repairs.



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