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4 Maintenance Tasks That Will Keep Your Roof in Good Condition for Years

Roof maintenance may seem intimidating. In fact, many homeowners don’t know how to start taking care of their roofs to make them last longer. Luckily, there are several simple and easy tasks that will keep your roof in good condition for years.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are in strategic places to collect rainwater runoff from your shingles and direct it safely. Without gutters, rain would fall off your house and could cause extreme damage by collecting around your foundation. When gutters fill with leaves and other debris, water steadily collects in the gutter canal until it floods beneath your shingles and causes deterioration. To prevent damage, make cleaning your gutters a regular routine. The best time to clean them is before it rains because you can use a leaf blower instead of having to rake out sticky, wet leaves and sticks.

Scrub Away Moss and Algae

Scrubbing your roof to get rid of moss and algae is a less regular maintenance task but just as essential as cleaning the gutters. While most moss is typically harmless, it does create an unattractive appearance on the roof and will cause damage in the long run. On the other hand, algae can be disastrous and wreak havoc on your shingles. Depending on your residence and the surrounding climate, you may never or rarely have moss and algae grow on your roof. However, in most places with frequent rain and shade, moss and algae will pop up, eventually. To scrub them off your shingles, create a mixture that is half parts chlorine bleach and half parts water. Most algae and moss should wipe away easily.

Schedule Regular Roof Maintenance

While there are plenty of roof maintenance tasks the average homeowner can do independently, it is best safety practice to contact a residential roofing contractor if there is a serious issue or even for a regular check-up. A professional roofing contractor can catch problems before they become hazardous to your health and wallet. They can also do more complicated tasks like repairing and replacing damaged shingles. As for safety, they can do in-depth inspections on the wall cladding, flashing, and soil stack. Additionally, if you want to invest in solar panels, residential roofing contractors are also the best choice.

Remove Tree Branches

Finally, a fantastic preventative roof maintenance task is removing big tree branches or nearby debris. During a storm, these tree branches could cause massive damage to your residence. You should regularly check if there are any trees or nearby structures that present a safety hazard. While some branches will require professional help, there are smaller branches that you can easily remove with standard yard tools.

By making roof maintenance part of your spring cleaning, you are making your home a safer place to live and saving yourself thousands of dollars of damages down the line.


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