Your roof is one of the most complex structural elements of your home or business. When you choose DIY repairs or hire a general handyman, there is no guarantee that the work completed will correctly fix the problem or last long-term. This means lost time and money that could be spent elsewhere. With 25+ years, Bradco Companies professional full-service roofing is knowledgeable in roofing areas like:

Attention to Slope – Small details like the attention to the slope of your roof are crucial when working on roofs. Low and high slope roofs will require different levels of service that a full-service roofing company will be able to identify.

Gutters – A full-service roofing company should be fully knowledgeable about the gutters currently in place on your roof, and how to work on your roof to best work with these gutters.

Maintenance – A full-service roofing company will be able to not only provide services for your current roofing needs but should be able to assess your roof and give recommendations for general maintenance needs.